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UX/UI Designer

CU Denver Grad

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  • User Experience Design

  • User Interface Design

  • User/Market Research

    • User Interviews​/Surveys

    • Usability Testing

    • Focus Groups

  • Interaction Design

  • Human-Centered Design

  • Iterative Design

  • Web Design

  • Graphic Design



  • Wireframes

  • UX Flows

  • Sitemaps

  • Low- and High-Fidelity Prototypes

  • Data-Driven Personas

  • User/Customer Journey Maps

  • UI Design Assets

  • User Test Plans

  • Data Analysis

  • UXR Documentation

  • Design Review Docs


  • Adobe Creative Suite

  • Sketch

  • JIRA

  • Trello

  • InVision

  • Marvel

  • Omnigraffle

  • LucidChart

  • Axure

  • WordPress

  • Google Drive


Cisco Systems, Inc. | CX IoT Incubation

UX Researcher & Designer | September 2018 – September 2019

  • Established UX/UI design and research processes with an application of design thinking methodologies to guide, but not limit, the workflow and creation of customer centric, user focused solutions for Cisco Vision and IoT digital products as well as collaboration with other internal and external Cisco teams.

  • Conducted generative and evaluative user research with 60+ participants through customer surveys, contextual inquiries, usability testing, card sorting, and stakeholder interviews.

  • Contributed to the development of a mature design system to create a consistent experience and decrease future design and development efforts which resulted in a 15% reduction in time to completion of designs and prototypes.

  • Produced conceptual and tactical user interface designs through sketching, rapid prototyping, and supporting UX deliverables such as personas, user flows, and sitemaps.

  • Educated team members and promoted transparency of the UX process and research methodologies which invited inclusive debate and established common standards and tools that promoted reuse for efficiency and agility of incubation and consistent customer experience design.

  • Exercised project management tasks such as project planning initiatives and information gathering, creating/updating backlog items, writing epics and user stories for use in product roadmaps, and facilitating user research findings and design/development reviews.

  • Collaborated with design, development, strategy, management, and product leads in order to create and revise UX/UI designs based on user research and business objectives.

  • Gained a deeper understanding of UX/UI design, research, industry standards, product/project management, and development frameworks through tireless self-education and mentorship from senior team members.


CU Denver | Digital Design Thesis

UX/UI Designer & Researcher | August 2017 – May 2018

  • Designed the UX and UI for a new psychotherapy product concept that tracks mental health metrics.

  • Determined user needs via market research, user surveys, and interviews.

  • Conducted pre-production testing with low- and high-fidelity prototypes.

  • Refined product scope and goals through user research and consultations with subject matter experts.

  • Produced brand guidelines based on the target demographic and product objective/function.


Sphero, Inc.

UX Design & Research Internship | March 2016 – May 2017

  • Collaborated with all departments to create/revise UX designs based on research and product updates.

  • Generated weekly product test plans for the software, firmware, creative, product, and QA teams.

  • Conducted user research for over 600 test subjects including focus groups, user interviews, and usability testing sessions.

  • Collected, analyzed, and presented user research data to all product teams.

  • Drove dialogue to ensure product teams could integrate research data into the product iteration process.

Star Wars Force Band: March 2016 – September 2016

  • Collaborated with UX lead to design affinity diagrams, UX flows, prototypes, wireframes, and test plans.

  • Increased successful band orientation and usability of the main drive feature by 50% via user testing.

  • Increased successful usability of the capture game feature by 75% via user testing.

  • Trained Junior UX and Game Designers in UX design and research processes.


Ultimate Lightning McQueen: September 2016 – May 2017

  • Led UX design efforts for affinity diagrams, UX flows, prototypes, wireframes, and market/user research.

  • Conducted research that allowed product teams to reduce project scope and development efforts.

  • Increased successful usability of the main drive feature by 50% via user testing.

  • Reduced user confusion of the out-of-box experience by 100% via user testing.


Web & Graphic Designer | November 2014 – September 2018

  • Designed print and digital assets including websites, brand mockups, and packaging/stationery designs.

  • Collaborated with clients to evaluate business goals, project potential, and design needs throughout the duration of contracts.

  • Conducted market/demographic research to inform decisions and assist clients in marketing efforts.


Past Clients 

  • Fluid Coffee Bar: Rebrand, Production Design, Interior Space & Website Design Consulting

  • Li’l Jack’s Premium Dog Food: Branding, Marketing Consulting, Production & Website Design

  • Project [un]Contained: Branding, Photography, Production & Website Design

  • The RH Group, Iris' Bouquet, My Howell Team, Farm & Grow Supply: Branding & Production Design


University of Colorado, Denver: College of Arts & Media

Bachelor of Fine Arts: Digital Design | August 2014 – May 2018

National Society of Collegiate Scholars; GPA 3.6

Projects completed within this program reflect real-world client work respectively and combined the process of design thinking, human-centered design, demographic and UX research, and market/competitor analysis to produce strategic assets that would be viable in various professional situations and disciplines including UX/UI Design, Voice User Interface Design, Graphic Design, Production and Stationery Design, Branding, Motion Graphics, Photography, and Videography.



Relevant Coursework  

• Human-Centered Design 

• Typography 



• Interactive Media I-III

• Design Studio I-IV 

Danish Institute for Study Abroad

Scandinavian by Design | May – June 2016

Companies, Lectures & Studio Work  

• IO Interactive




• Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design

• Krukow: Behavioral Design

• E-Types/Playtype

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